Background and a Little Bio


Since 1999, I have enjoyed working with small business owners/managers and have worked with hundreds of companies developing websites and print design products. I started working free-lance around the Y2K period and then later switched to a large web and print business for 6.5 years before I launched Highwaters Media.

Besides the computer/web design related jobs, I have trained with an Iditarod Dog Musher in Alaska, built a log cabin to live in and managed a glacier-based tour business. I also have worked in non-profits, at a Montana dude ranch, as a cedar shake sider on Cape Cod, and had fun working with a tech company in the late 90’s. My experiences have created many opportunities including success and some failures.

I also am on the Board of Directors for ReUse Works which oversees the Appliance Depot & Ragfinery projects.

Clear and Useful
When I use the phrase “Clear and Useful” the point is to help you create a clean, effective message that portrays your business, product and/or service.

A Few Words
To ease your curiosity about me (or increase it), here are a few descriptions that fit me well:

  • stable & calming influence
  • I don’t use terms like ROI, Business Metrics or TPS Reports
  • self-deprecating humor
  • easy to talk with