Web Design Portfolio 1


John King took all of our ideas and specifications and created something more attractive (and easier to navigate) than what we’d imagined ourselves. He had an immediate grasp of what we needed and how to make it real.

Since the new site went online, we’ve been contacted by a number of similar communities around the country letting us know that they planned to use our site as a model for their own. I see what they see–that this site is among the very best of its kind. And as our vision for the site grows, John King is always responsive, helpful, and efficient. We couldn’t be happier.”

~Koun Franz, Resident Zen Priest, www.alaska-zen.org

Through a series of casual but directed meetings with John, we were able to develop a focused vision and plan for our website, which he then turned into a functional, effective, and visually appealing website. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten comments from community members about how attractive and easy to use our new website is.

As our primary method of communicating with the public as well as handling our entire registration and payment system, our website is the key infrastructure of our organization. John was extremely thorough and responsive through this entire process.

We’ve also switched our hosting from GoDaddy to Highwaters, and our service and website speed is infinitely better. It’s a relief to know that if there are ever issues it is very easy to get in touch with John.”

~ Dallas Betz, Community Boating Center



Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Website features and details:

  • WordPress designed CMS with custom web design
  • Rotating main photos & embedded Youtube video into site design
  • Unique Club Page design. Custom RSVP and sign-up forms, integration with Paypal account and Donortools.com account.
  • News & Events Blog Posts.
  • Over 200 pages built and maintained by client.
  • View live site: www.skagitclubs.org